Frequently asked Questions:

How do I clean my Board?

Avoid submersion and prolonged exposure to water.  Doing so risks warping or cracking this natural wood product.  Regular conditioning can help prevent this from happening. 

To clean, scrub with hot soapy water without submerging, rinse and towel dry.  

Let dry for a few hours in a rack or on its side standing up.   

It is best to store in a perfectly flat area or standing it up on its side to prevent warping. Never wash the cutting board in the dishwasher. Do not use in the microwave or oven or use as a hot plate. 


When should I recondition my board?

For best long term care, use conditioner anytime the board is starting to look or feel dry.  Conditioning frequency can vary depending on usage.  

We recommend using Howard’s Mineral Oil and Howard’s Cutting Board Conditioner products.  Avoid using edible oils (olive oil, vegetable, sunflower etc.) to condition your board. They can spoil and become rancid. 

Be sure to oil the board completely on all sides and edges each time.  Constant one-sided application will let the dry side breathe more than the conditioned side causing warping.